Wrath Of The Chickens
A Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server

Server IP: mcwotc.net

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Some Info About Us

- Minecraft server online and running for over five years!
"Looking for a reliable server that will not disappear... look no further!"

- Good mature group of players which have grown close over time.
"You get to know who you are playing with and make new friends."

- Vanilla server on hard difficulty offering challenging gameplay.
"Watch your back for creepers, do not starve, and try not to lose your items."

- Adventure gamemode elements which gives our world a bit of a twist.
"We offer more for those wishing to take a break from pure survival."

- Zero plugins are utilized on the WOTC Minecraft server.
"Everything on our world we do within the default Minecraft game environment."

- Custom PvP and Mob Arenas for those with a competitive nature.
"Our Arenas have some style and have unique mechanics we have designed."

- Special Event maps which we run during certain times of the year.
"Delivering something special and often giving some type of reward."

- Graylisted server helping with protecting peoples builds.
"While not quite a whitelist, our graylisting is just about as effective."

- Forum website to communicate and share about other topics.
"Our forums allow our players to stay in touch and share additional content."

- VoIP Mumble server for those who would like to be more vocal.
"Our voice chat allows individuals to talk with each other over the internet."