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Information & Announcements / Re: Pre-gen finished
« Last post by VoidingNixx on January 16, 2019, 04:06:45 PM »
After a full day (or more) of uploading... Pre-gen has finished uploaded.  World is now fully generated and should not cause massive lag and eventual server crashes as people explore.
Information & Announcements / Pre-gen finished
« Last post by VoidingNixx on January 14, 2019, 11:08:35 AM »
It has taken months (seriously, months now) to run the pre-generation for this world.  The plugin kept crashing and it was only ever able to do 1-2% each night I had it run.  Anyways, it is now finished!  I will start uploading tonight.  Pre-gen world size is 117 gigabytes.  Once uploaded and on the server, everything should run tons smoother when players are out exploring.
Information & Announcements / Re: Misstress Matyr
« Last post by Mistress_Martyr on January 02, 2019, 05:23:02 PM »
I am become Death, the destroyer of w--

Er.. I mean... Yay!  :have-a-nice-day:
Information & Announcements / Misstress Matyr
« Last post by VoidingNixx on January 02, 2019, 05:18:17 PM »
M&M has moved up to an admin role on the server.  Welcome to the ranks!! :D
Information & Announcements / Server was down
« Last post by VoidingNixx on December 14, 2018, 04:07:10 PM »
Just seen today that the server was down.  It appears to have thrown a few errors and got stuck while rebooting.  Disabled the error restart so it should just power through useless Java errors which this game is always plagued with.  Will keep an eye on it.  Has been running good for months so not sure why it decided to be a pain today.

Server is being worked on at this time and is going up and down.  Working on figuring out what happened and why it is not stable today.

*cycled the server. seems the problem has been fixed.

**nope, still having issues with the server.

***most likely an error which popped up out of nowhere without reason, and will go away without reason over time.  Just one of these random things.  Server stability getting better every restart.

****ok, server issue should now be resolved.
Information & Announcements / Re: Ordazzio, welcome to the ranks!
« Last post by Ordazzio on December 14, 2018, 02:08:37 PM »
 :grin: :grin: :grin:
Information & Announcements / Ordazzio, welcome to the ranks!
« Last post by VoidingNixx on December 12, 2018, 04:26:34 PM »
Ordazzio has moved up to our staff.  Welcome to the ranks, are new Op team member.
Information & Announcements / Re: Server Advertising
« Last post by VoidingNixx on December 05, 2018, 12:37:22 AM »
Ok, so I lied... it will be the 5th of December and throughout the week up until probably the New Year.  I took some extra time to finalize some server projects.  For starters, the long awaited 'Custom' shop is now finished.  Slots 2 (which I was not planning to work on) is also finished.  I even added the Guess Gamble which I brainstormed a couple months ago and that was not something I planned to finish.  All-in-all a lot of work was done these past few days.

The only two projects remaining on the server is the 'Heads' shop, which will be finished when/if server activity picks up, and the 'chicken offerings' contraption which is planned to be three in one. 1) A creeper disabler 2) A random running buff 3) A mini-boss fight.  I am still awaiting much feedback on the 'chicken offerings' since it may change gameplay a little too much for some people, in which case, they may be used for something else or removed completely.

Anyways, planning some server promotion tomorrow.  I have been on Twitch streaming lately too:
Information & Announcements / Feather Fate - Getting Started
« Last post by VoidingNixx on December 04, 2018, 02:18:16 PM »
Welcome to WOTC and the Outpost of Feather Fate
Welcome to WOTC and our home, the Outpost of Feather Fate.  Remember that we do check our forums and have a Mumble VoIP server up and running for our community to use.  Whether you are a new player or one of our returning Vet's, please have fun and we hope each and every one of you has a great experience on WOTC.  Mumble information may be found at the following link:

A word of advice for anyone new to the server.  We offer our own flavor of Minecraft.  Whether good or bad, we follow our own path and try our best to offer something fun and unique.  Please do not ask us to change services to something of your liking or ask us to completely change how our World is played.  We do take suggestions and comments but some things we have set up a specific way for a reason and we will not alter.

Also, please familiarize yourself with the starting spawn area of the Outpost of Feather Fate.  It is not a large area but learning where certain structures are located and what they offer you may greatly improve your enjoyment.  Once you learn a bit about how our World works we are sure you will have an easy and enjoyable time.  A map of Feather Fate may be found here:

We have also generated a Biome map if you are looking for a specific Biome.  There are more beyond what is shown (the worlds borders extend further) but the generation tool can only generate a viewable size this large before it crashes.  You may see the Biome map generated from our world seed by following this link:

The Nether
Before we really begin we should point out that on this world, the Nether is disabled.  This is due to how the starting Outpost is set up as well as how we would like to 'mold' our community.  The main reason is the mechanics of the Nether and its fast travel capabilities.  We find the Nether allows others to more easily find and grief players and the other factor is that travel becomes so much easier, so most people never see each other.  We would like our players to actually meet up in the World and this is our chosen method for accomplishing this feat.  Items from the Nether are still available at the Marketplace.  We do not have any plans to re-enable it.  If this is something you 'need' to have fun with Minecraft than our server may not be a good fit for you.

Spawn and Protection
You have spawned into the Outpost of Feather Fate.  If at any time you wish to return to spawn, you may do so by enabling (typing in chat) the following trigger:
/trigger off set 1
Once this trigger is enabled, you will be placed into a queue and will return to spawn at time of processing.  This happens once every day and once every night.  There may be a short wait of a couple minutes.  All players in queue will be returned to spawn once the world is at the correct time.

If you would like to be removed from the spawn queue before it processes, you may do so at any time by resetting your trigger with the following command:
/trigger off set 0

Notice while you are within the Outpost of Feather Fate if you view the player list in-game, your name will be gold.  This signifies you are within the protected area of Feather Fate.  Monsters (except for Phantoms) should not be able to hurt you in this area nor will other players be able to do so.  You may also not build within this area or change the landscape.  So when looking for an area to build, be sure your name is not gold on the player list.  Travel further away from the Outpost until your name changes to white.  White signifies no protection and you are able to build.  In the areas where your name is white all damage and mobs work as they would normally.

Our World
Our server is a public PvE server which caters to the adult community.  We are small but welcome all those who play nice.  We do allow profanities and adult humor in our chat.  We do not allow vulgar and/or racist language which makes others feel uncomfortable or which is directed at others in a negative manner.  We warn and may issue bans for players which do not have common sense and cannot understand social etiquette.  Keep the chat fun but be mindful of the atmosphere.

Despite how our server looks, this is a Vanilla server or at least very close to it.  We may use a Mod for performance improvements and stability but we do not run any plugins on this server and everything you find on the World is what you can do within the scope of the base game.  Our gameplay may not be considered Vanilla, but how we run the server and what we do to the World is.

Services and Getting Started
A few locations around the city should be noted.  First is the Teleport Hub.  This allows travel to most places within 5,000 blocks of a coordinate.  Our server is "Flight-centric" however, so before using the Teleport Hub, you will want and be sure your Elytra is equipped.  The teleport takes you to a coordinate specified but drops you from a good height in the sky.  The Flight Center is located in this same area.  You may find a few different versions of Elytra for sale.

Another place to be familiar with is the General Goods shop.  This is not the Marketplace but rather a shop where you can gain some free starter items as well as other tools needed for use in Feather Fate.

The Exchange Bank is where you may trade in levels (10, 20, 30, 40) with the higher the level being turned-in offering more of a reward.  Once you have level 10 and can gain some currency, this is where our Feather Fate starts to shine and a lot of doors open up.  To get your first level 10, you can fish around the Outpost (fishing pole at General Goods shop) or fight the easy mobs below the city (sword at General Goods shop).

The Social Hub has some Slots and a Guess Gamble, if you prefer a more risky approach.  But all these things are just optional.  If you prefer the traditional gameplay that is totally fine as well.  Ignore everything and just walk a good distance away to be put into Survival mode.

The Dungeon is found in the center of Feather Fate and is located under the Outpost.  It is a place where you can farm some currency... if you like fighting.  Be cautious of the two sides.  One side is the starter side where the zombies will kill you very very quickly.  The other side has more of an 'end game' type of zombie which can easily one-shot the new player.

Moving Item Quantities
Being able to move a lot of items back and forth was a big concern for a lot of our players.  We have implemented a way to do this within our protected Outpost of Feather Fate.  First, you will find Enderchests all around the Outpost.  They are mainly placed near important locations.  Secondly, you may use undyed Shulker Boxes and place those within Feather Fate as well.  To do so, you must drop one from your inventory onto the ground while within the boundaries of the Outpost, and then pick it back up.  This will enable the placement of that Shulker Box onto any gold block within the Outpost.

Please note, in order to reclaim that Shulker Box, you must purchase the Shulker Retriever tool from the General Goods shop.  This tool will allow you to destroy placed Shulker Boxes within Feather Fate.  This is the only method for destroying them within the protected area once placed.

We Do Not Allow
For a full list of our server rules, you may find them here:
We do allow mob farms but only if the mobs are collected to a 1x1 kill box.  Anything which is built and does not follow this rule, admins may come in and disable any way they see fit.  Also we do not allow massive redstone contraptions or anytyhing which runs on a constant clock.  You will need to find a different server or go to your offline world for building such things.

Shops and Currency
The currency on the server is Experience Bottles.  These will be awarded for online players at random times and may be earned other ways as well, such as gambling, selling junk items, or fighting in the depths of Feather Fate.  Hold onto your experience bottles to use at shops or at other Outpost services.  You may even exchange your in-game levels at the Exchange Bank.

At the Marketplace, you will find stalls which sell a variety of items.  These items change every few game days so you may want to watch which items are for sale.  In order to see items for sale as they change, you can enable the following trigger:
/trigger shop set 1
...or if you wish to see items available on the Marketplace once every day, you may enable this trigger:
/trigger shop set 2
The Marketplace items are completely random when they cycle.  Sometimes the same item will be available a time or two in a row and some times you may need to wait a while for an item to appear.

If you are not in search of an item at the Marketplace and do not wish to see the shop messages, these may also be disabled at any time by using the following command:
/trigger shop set 0

The Rest
Everything else is your job to figure out.  Explore the Outpost of Feather Fate and see what is offered.  It is a small area but will most likely always be under some kind of development with additions or removals.  If you need help, please do not be afraid to ask us in game, on the Forum here or on Mumble.  Ask the admins or ask others.

Again, good luck and have fun!

-WOTC Staff
Information & Announcements / Server Advertising
« Last post by VoidingNixx on November 10, 2018, 10:18:07 AM »
We will start with some server adverts starting on the 1st of December.  The shop system should be completed or at least, very close to being completed by that time, along with the entertainment hub, which will leave only one or two things left to be implemented.  At this date, my busy season of work will be finished and I will have a bit of time off where I can spend with adverts and talking to people online.  We plan to grow the server a bit during this time.

Or in other words and for the TL;DR version... Nixx returns and will be much more active at the start of December.
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