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Title: Server Advertising
Post by: VoidingNixx on November 10, 2018, 10:18:07 AM
We will start with some server adverts starting on the 1st of December.  The shop system should be completed or at least, very close to being completed by that time, along with the entertainment hub, which will leave only one or two things left to be implemented.  At this date, my busy season of work will be finished and I will have a bit of time off where I can spend with adverts and talking to people online.  We plan to grow the server a bit during this time.

Or in other words and for the TL;DR version... Nixx returns and will be much more active at the start of December.
Title: Re: Server Advertising
Post by: VoidingNixx on December 05, 2018, 12:37:22 AM
Ok, so I lied... it will be the 5th of December and throughout the week up until probably the New Year.  I took some extra time to finalize some server projects.  For starters, the long awaited 'Custom' shop is now finished.  Slots 2 (which I was not planning to work on) is also finished.  I even added the Guess Gamble which I brainstormed a couple months ago and that was not something I planned to finish.  All-in-all a lot of work was done these past few days.

The only two projects remaining on the server is the 'Heads' shop, which will be finished when/if server activity picks up, and the 'chicken offerings' contraption which is planned to be three in one. 1) A creeper disabler 2) A random running buff 3) A mini-boss fight.  I am still awaiting much feedback on the 'chicken offerings' since it may change gameplay a little too much for some people, in which case, they may be used for something else or removed completely.

Anyways, planning some server promotion tomorrow.  I have been on Twitch streaming lately too: https://www.twitch.tv/voidingnixx