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Change Log
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:43:27 PM »
16 December 2018
          - Added a reset for admin use to fix spawn problems.
          - Added a kill for spawn area Villager NPC's when no players are near spawn.

12 December 2018
          - Connected the ends of the easy side Zombie Dungeon together to form a loop.
          - Created a Biome map and added to 'Getting Started' section:

11 December 2018
          - Fixed two of the shop stalls which were not functioning correctly.

10 December 2018
          - Heads shop stall at the Marketplace is now complete.
          - Custom items shop stall was not updating items and has been fixed.
          - Added a handful of Villagers to occupy buildings within Outpost.

04 December 2018
          - Guess Gamble 3x has been completed (located in Social Hub along with Slots).
          - Changed spawn book contents.  Removed info and added forum link for info.
          - Added new 'Getting Started' section
          - Created and added a map of Outpost of Feather Fate

03 December 2018
          - Custom (Purple) shop stalls completed.

23 September 2018
          - Started work on the slots.
          - Fixed Nether stalls.
          - Fixed shop 1 display message.

23 September 2018
          - More shop stalls added (yellow).

22 September 2018
          - Shop stalls fixed so items match what is being sold.
          - Stalls changed from named after rarity to colors.
          - Third shop stalls (blue) added.

16 September 2018
          - Trigger [shop 1] now only displays when items change.
          - Trigger [shop 2] displays shop items daily.
          - Common item shop stalls finished in marketplace.

01 September 2018
          - Finished Marketplace shop stalls 'Nether'.
          - Updated 'new player guide' book at spawn.

28 August 2018
          - Minecraft server is now public.  Forums fully viewable by guests now as well.

27 August 2018
          - Think I found the lag issue on server.  Sign lag.  Removed a bunch of signs from spawn chunk.

26 August 2018
          - Re-balanced weak mobs in mob dungeon. From 50 HP back down to 25.
          - Added a few Incinerators around town.
          - Started on market place (shop) system.
          - Fixed spawn/shop triggers which I broke last night.
          - Bank junk exchange now gives 4 EXP Pots instead of 3.

25 August 2018
          - Added effects to Launch Pad at Flight Center.
          - Added kill for Phantoms at Outpost.
          - Fixed some laggy code. Still working on improving other code.
          - Adjusted player sleep to bring day closer upon sleeping.
          - Fixed zombie dungeon spawns.  Added water slides.
          - Dungeon zombies now more formidable.  HP adjusted where it is suppose to be.
          - EXP Converter #1 was broken and rewarding too many pots.  Fixed.
          - Food is now replenished within Outpost limits every day/night cycle.
          - Fixed music playing to everyone on server and not to only those within Outpost.
          - Fixed sleep system notification to display to all players and not only closest player.
          - Finished 2nd dungeon in town.  Very hard one.
          - Changed dungeon mobs to look more threatening... which they are.
          - Outpost firework display now has a 33.3% chance of starting each night.
          - Tweaked garbage mob cleanup.  Cycle runs daily/nightly.

24 August 2018
          - New World (Feather Fate) launched.

14 July 2018
          - Forums cleaned up.  Everything flushed for new 1.13 world.
          - Minecraft categories compacted.  Other discussions added.

09 July 2018
          - Map seed candidates selected for new 1.13 world.
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