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Mumble Client For Voice Chat
« on: March 14, 2012, 07:43:59 AM »
We offer a VoIP option for those with a microphone and who wish to chat... or for those who like to listen and type.  Like Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, we use one called Mumble, which is almost a hybrid of both.  You can find the download here:  The client and its usage is completely free, and may be used by our members for other chats/games as well.

You may connect to our Mumble server using the following information:
IP -
Port - 64738

Label = The name you wish to identify the server. (can be anything. ie. WOTC)
Username = This should be your displayed Minecraft in-game name.

Once Mumble is installed, depending on your web browser, you may be able to paste the following URL into your web browser address bar and launch/connect quickly with Mumble: mumble://

Standard rules apply on the Mumble server.  Do not intentionally be an ass or use vulgar/racist language, unless those you are talking with do not mind.  Repeated complaints against a user and a warning will be issued, followed by a ban.  Just behave. :)
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