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Server Rules
« on: January 23, 2012, 07:50:59 PM »
WOTC Server Policies
Orange = Minecraft Policy / Green = Mumble Policy

#.)  No griefing or having others perform this dirty deed for you.  Play nice or begone.  Running around simply to vandalize the work of others is a no-no.

#.)  No X-Ray/Speed/Flight/Damage/etc. hacks.  Argue that these are 3rd party tools all you'd like but a hack is a hack.

#.)  No exploiting.  This covers areas such as item duping, placing blocks in normally inaccessible areas of the map, and taking advantage of any other known or unknown bug which exists in the game.

#.)  PvP is allowed for guests in your area which were asked to leave and will not.  Stalking other players to kill is not allowed.

#.)  PvP is allowed for anyone caught stealing from or griefing/modifying your area without permission.

#.)  Building lewd or offensive structures in-game is not allowed.  This includes certain body parts, swastikas, Canadian flags, pony pixel art, etc.

#.)  Pillaring-up to escape your inevitable doom from mobs is fine but be sure to remove your pillars once the sun brings forth the safety of a new day.

#.)  Building of huge automated farms and/or other giant redstone contraptions is also not allowed. Smaller farms with automatic shut-offs/kills are OK.

#.)  Mob/Exp farms are allowed but must gather all mobs in killbox on a 1x1 block.

#.)  Farms or other contraptions which rely on minecarts constantly in motion or constant redstone ticking are not allowed.

#.)  Non-excessive profanity is allowed.  Racist and vulgar language is not.

#.)  There will be no reimbursement of lost/destroyed items.  Sometimes shit happens.

#.)  We do not expect to see any deliberate harassment of other players.  We have zero tolerance for this.

#.)  Flooding and spamming is not allowed.  Inviting (advertising) for other sites/servers is not allowed.

#.)  No arguing with other players.  Take your squabbles elsewhere or bring your complaints to an Admin/Moderator.

#.)  Do not be an ass.  Respect your fellow players.  Admins/Moderators have the right to warn and/or ban if they deem necessary.

#.)  Do not pretend to be an Admin/Moderator, because only Admins/Moderators can pretend to be those... you will have a bad day.

#.)  The name you use should be your Minecraft in-game name.

#.)  Non-excessive profanity is allowed.  Racist and vulgar language is not.

#.)  No hot mics.  Setup and use push-to-talk.

#.)  No screaming into the microphone.

#.)  No cheap as dirt mics.  Use something more than a $5 microphone.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a ban from the server.  Banned players have the right to appeal their ban ( if they feel it is unjust, however, ban removals are up to the discretion of the server staff.  Server staff always have final say.  It may take some time for a response to your appeal depending on the situation.
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